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check out  the best traditional Blues programming 24 hours a day without commercial breaks, a selection of songs handpicked by Ricardo Maca and the programming and presentation by Kleber "Flecha Blues" Laviz.


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Located in the city of Itajaí in the state of Santa Catarina, the radio started 8 years ago in the 104.5 FM band, it was an "independent" radio that worked for 5 years transmitting its programming locally. It's been 3 years since FM transmissions ended and online transmissions began.

Over these 8 years, several live broadcasts, interviews and a lot of sound were made with national and international artists. Names like Wallace Coleman, Junior Watson, Jai Malano, Rip Lee Pryor, JJ Jackson, Kenny "Blues Boss" Wayne, Jerry Careaga, Mark Mumea, Silver Kings, Decio Caetano, Igor Prado, Nico Smoljam, The Headcutters and several other names Blues passed through here.

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