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Set Up

It must be performed periodically to ensure the sound and physical quality of the  instrument and thus avoiding malfunctions such as  the premature exchange of  frets, wear of parts, detachment of parts and twists. A good setting suited to your playing style improves playability, tone and comfort.

The set up consists in: Total cleaning and polishing of the instrument,  scale hydration,  truss rod,  tuners,  strings height, octaves,  bridge, nut,  lubrication,  strings change,  fret work,  electrical review, etc...


Strings Change

Keeping your instrument with new strings  improves tone, playability, sustain, tuning and increases fret life. The alloy of the metal as well as the gauge of the string greatly influences the final tone and must be suitable for the style and way of playing.



Keeping your instrument electrically up to date is essential so that there are no noises or  signal loss. We do simple repairs such as soldering disconnected wires and replacing components, to customization projects, such as installing pickups, push/pull potentiometer for phase inversion of pickups, split coils, kill switch, shielding,  grounding, installation of active collection and any improvement or customization according to your need.



The fret work should be performed when there is excessive fret wear, neck twist and scale detachment, improving sustain, string height adjustment and non-fret buzz in the playing of notes throughout the scale.


Fret Change

Changing the frets is indicated when there is no longer the possibility of carrying out a fretwork or when there is no more height of the frets to allow a desirable adjustment.


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