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Guitarist and vocalist of The Headcutters Band, Ricardo Maca has been spreading the traditional Blues guitar all over the world, has participated in several Blues festivals and has also recorded, produced shows and shared the stage with several renowned names in National and International Blues.

Self-taught, he started in music through the Piano at the age of 8, at the age of 14 he heard Muddy Waters for the first time and decided to change the piano for the Guitar, starting his career in the Blues.

In 2000, at the age of 16, he was already playing in bars and events with his current bandmates The Headcutters, with whom he shares the road to this day.

Fascinated by vintage tones, Ricardo Maca has been perfecting himself in analog recordings and in customizing his equipment to achieve unique tones. Throughout his career he has dedicated himself to  tube amps electronics and guitar luthier, modifying and building their equipment.

He is also responsible for producing, capturing, mixing and mastering the entire discography of the Headcutters and several other artists.


He currently works as a Guitar, Bass and Guitar Luthier, provides technical assistance and is a manufacturer of pedals and valve amplifiers and is also a recording technician and owner of the Grooveland studio.

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