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Fender Pro Jr USA

Fender Pro Jr USA


Fender Pro Jr Amplifier


Model: Pro Jr.

Year of manufacture: 90's - USA

Pre: 12ax7 - JJ - USSR

Power: EL84 - Sovtek - USSR

Rectifier: Diode

Speaker: 1x 12" - Utah

Power: 15W

Voltage and consumption: 120V / 60Hz / 70W



-Installed a 12" Utah (USA 50's) speaker in place of the original 10" Celestion (includes original 10" fender speaker plate);

-Replaced the original two-position on-off switch for one of three positions, thus including the Stand By mode for heating the valves.


American amplifier in great condition, fully revised, with new valves, just plug and play!

When compared to current Pro Jr's  Mexicans sounds infinitely better!

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